CM Handling system



Image sensor T2C transfer system


  • Image sensor T2C transfer system
  • Function : Image sensor tray to carrier transfer
  • Target device : Image sensor


Function Automatic device P&P, Automatic Tray to Carrier Transfer, Cover attach
Target device Image sensor
Tray & Carrier Hard Tray : 160 x 156 x 5t / A-Carrier : 146 x 75 x 2t / Cover : 146 x 66.44 x 0.2t
Module loading method Automatic Module Pick&Place (Left Picker 4x5 / Right Picker 3x5)
Tray L/UL method Automatic Tray Transfer - Tray Stacker 4set & Magazine 4set
Vision A-Carrier 2D ID Reading & Place Status Check Vision 1set (Machine vision) Magazine 2D ID Reading (1ea) Traceability Vision : Optional
Servo motor 14-Axes
Air Supply 5~7kg/㎤
Control PC I7 Quad Core, 8G Byte Memory, Window 10 64bit
Power AC220V, 50/60Hz 10A, 6.0 kW, 1 Phase
Weight 1,500kg
UPH 8,000 (with Preciser)
Dimension W2,000 x D1.650 x H2,100 (without FFU & Signal tower)