Semicon Handling system

Memory T2B transfer system


Memory T2B transfer system


  • Memory T2B transfer system
  • Function : Memory JEDEC tray to test board transfer
  • Target device : Memory


Function JEDEC tray to board
Target device Memory device
Tray L/UL capacity Hard tray 10ea
Module Lo & Unloading method Automatic P&P (Corner grip)
Tray moving method Automatic P&P
Buffer Align buffer 3ea (loading, unloading)
Air Supply 5~6kg/㎤
Control PC I7 Quad Core, 8G Byte Memory, Window 10 64bit
Power AC220V, 50/60Hz 8.6KVA, 22.6A, 3Phase
Weight 2,000kg
Dimension W1,395 x D2,928 x H2,240mm (without signal tower)