CM Test system

VCM pre focus


VCM pre-focus test system


  • VCM pre-focus test system
  • Full auto, 8sockets
  • Test items : Focus test (AFA &lens test)
  • Target device : VCM AF unit (actuatro + lens)
  • Nonstop test possible while running the system, thanks to drawer-type automatic trays
  • Zero index time due to double-deck robots – High UPH
  • Fast and accurate P&P with 5 pickers and rotators
  • User trays can be used without transferring target modules from one tray to another


Test items Focus test (AFA & lens test)
Target device VCM AF unit (actuator + lens)
Support resolution Up to 20M pixel sensor
Configuration for test 4 Collimator lens , 4 LED BLUs
Configuration for motion 25 Axis Motion, 2 Visions
Socket 8 Sockets
Loading method Automatic P&P, 5 Pickers, Tray based
Chart align Automatic
Control PC I7 Quad Core, 16G Byte Memory , Window 10, 64bit
Power AC220V, 50/60Hz 20A, 4.4kW, 1 Phase
Weight 1270kg
Dimension W1590 x D1440 x H1920(mm)